ATC Cautions Farmers on Post Harvest Losses

Agriculture Trading Company, ATC, has advised farmers in the country to use authenticated grain storage products to avoid post-harvest losses.

According to ATC Operations Manager, Hannock Madeira, it is the company’s concern that farmers work hard throughout the farming season only to use fake products which leads to losses of the yields.

He urged farmers to purchase their products from well-established companies, such as ATC, which stocks and sells genuine products only.

“ATC stocks genuine products only. We wish the farmers well. We have a variety of products from which they can choose from and we also provide expert advice on which product suits the farmer’s needs,” explained Madeira.

Among others, ATC is currently selling a locally made product, Wivokil, which is used for storage of grain yields.

Wivokil is produced by AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited, ACSL, a sister company of ATC. The product comes in two formulations; Wivokil Super which is a powder and Wivokil EC a liquid formulation.

“With the experience of bumper yields in Malawi, ATC is geared to assist the farming community and grain traders in preventing post-harvest losses through the provision of quality fumigation services and stocking of quality and affordable grain storage,” said Madeira.

Other grain storage products in stock at ATC shops are Novactellic, Polysacks and Hermetic bags (Pics bags).

ATC has 17 shops across the country, most of which are in locations close to where the farmers reside.

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