ATC Offers Creative Solution in Managing Pit Latrines

The Agricultural Trading Company, a subsidiary of AHL Group, has introduced a chemical that will help Malawians in managing pit latrines so that they don’t have to dig new ones when the ones they have been using are full.

According to ATC Operations Manager, Hannock Madeira, the chemical which is called Dr. Pitti, is the ultimate solution to challenges that people in peri-urban areas face.

“When pit latrines are full, people in the peri-urban will usually not have any spare land on which to dig and construct new ones. Now, they can just use Dr. Pitti to digest the full pit latrine and continue using the same one.

“Even Malawians living in rural areas where land may not be a problem will find this solution to be easy, quick and very convenient. Digging a pit latrine is labour intensive, time consuming and can also be expensive,” explained Madeira.

Currently, there is no known effective chemical on the market to assist communities to digest their latrines.

Dr. Pitti is manufactured in powder form and packed in plastic sachets that are sealed airtight. A 225gm plastic sachet is dissolved in 5 litres of water and it’s applied once a month for 3 months.

The chemical is also affordable and is currently being sold in all ATC shops across the country.

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