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ATC in Drive to Raise Professional Standards

The Agricultural Trading Company is on a national drive to raise professional standards among its employees, a development that has seen the company organizing training sessions in all the three regions.

So far, the company has trained employees in the South and the Northern Regions, with central region employees set to be trained in various areas from Saturday November 17 to Sunday November 18, 2018.

The targeted groups were Depot and Shop Clerks, supervisors and their assistants.

In the northern region, the training workshop took place last weekend from Saturday, November 10 to Sunday November 11, 2018. Among others, participants were trained in Safe Handling of Pesticides, product knowledge, first aid procedures, customer care, procurement and accounting.

Speaking during the opening of the Mzuzu training session, ATC General Manager Mrs Madalitso Jelenje urged team work among her staff.

“Let us work as a team. This workshop is aimed at bringing more positive results to the company,” she told the participants.

Companies that are working in partnership with ATC also had the chance to make presentations.

Some of the agro-companies that are in partnership with ATC include Farmers Organization of Malawi (FOM), MUSEC- AGRA and BEYA.

Making a presentation during the training Mr. Maurice Zimba of the Farmers Organization of Malawi commended ATC for ensuring that products from his organization have a wider reach.

“ATC has shops country wide and this makes it easy for customers to access our products,” he said.

He further explained that ATC staff members have in-depth knowledge on how to handle chemicals and pesticides. The Agricultural Trading Company is one of the subsidiaries of AHL Group that started its operations in 1962 as an Agro dealer. It stocks a wide range of chemicals, pesticides and agricultural equipment like sprayers and solar powered Irrigation kit. They also provide services like fumigation and pest control.


Agricultural Trading Company moves to boost livestock production

Agricultural Trading Company (ATC), a subsidiary of AHL Group, has partnered one of the leading veterinary brands in the world, Ashish Life Science, to bring affordable and quality veterinary drugs into Malawi. ATC Marketing Manager, Maxwell Ng’ambi, said the agreement was initiated because ATC realises that livestock production is one of the tools that can help to alleviate poverty, diversify incomes and enhance food security. “We analysed the cost of livestock production in Malawi and realised that there is a gap on affordable products that can support farmers to increase their production capacity. “We can challenge the market that our prices are very affordable and unmatched. We have even reduced the price of some veterinary drugs by up to 50 percent,” Ng’ambi said. He further said veterinary drugs have a major role in protecting animal and public health and reducing animal suffering. “We have interest in enabling efficient production of animals to feed the population. We are here to support animal husbandry,” he said. Ng’ambi said ATC has a range of veterinary products, including dewormers, wound remedies, injections and broad spectrum solutions. He said ATC has in-house and full time veterinary experts at its head office in Kanengo, Old Town and Nchalo, “You can call or visit them for support before buying any product. The experts offer support on how to treat diseased animals, avoid the outbreak of diseases as well provision of drugs. So far, the drugs can be bought from our Nchalo and Old Town shops. We hope to expand in the near future,” he said. ATC’s stocking of veterinary products and rolling out a price slash bonanza on the market is in support of government’s efforts of enhancing livestock production. “These efforts in veterinary products are a response and in tandem with government policy on livestock development in the country. We are supporting farmers so that production of high quality livestock is enhanced for both food and commercial purposes,” he said. A member of the AHL Group; ATC has over 50 years experience of supplying farm inputs, agro-chemicals, seed and pest control services and allied products. Source: The Times Group

AHL formulates mosquito powder

AHL Chemicals and Steel has pushed on the market a chemical powder to help control Malaria. The company’s Marketing Manager, Maxwell Ngambi, has confirmed that the product is already on the market. “Terminator is a wettable powder that AHL Chemicals and Steel has invented after years of research. It can be used for fumigation, covering both domestic and industrial purposes,” he said. According to Ng’ambi, while important gains in malaria control have been reported in many countries, more work is needed to eliminate the disease in Malawi. “This is a public health problem that World Health Organisation and government acknowledges. The product offers an effective and affordable solution to deal with the problem,” Ng’ambi said. According to Ng’ambi, the product is available in 200g sachets at a price of K4,800 wholesale and K5,200 retail. “In terms of large volumes for institutional customers our head office in Kanengo is ready for contact, otherwise the product is available in all Agricultural Trading Company (ATC) outlets countrywide,” he said. AHL Chemicals and Steel Ltd (ACSL) is a subsidiary of the AHL Group and was established as an indigenous manufacturing company with a core business of producing agro-based chemicals. Sourced from The Times Group

ATC showcases new irrigation technology

ATC, a wholly owned subsidiary of AHL Group, is stocking an advanced irrigation system manufactured in Israel which makes it easier and cheaper for small scale farmers to water their plants for higher yields. The technology reduces manual labour and costs per grower while improving efficiency and productivity. ATC held a live demonstration of the new technology at the just ended Malawi International Trade Fair and, according to its Marketing Manager Maxwell Ng’ambi, the demonstration fields produced very promising results. “We didn’t want to just come here and talk. We brought the irrigation technology for everyone to see how it works using gravitational pull,” he said. Ng’ambi said ATC deploys its experienced technicians and agronomists to plan and install the system. “However, many customers have been able to install it on their own. Our NDJ drip kit can be used by individual users or as part of a communal irrigation project,” he said. According to Ng’ambi, the NDJ Drip Kit is the ideal solution for the irrigation and fertilisation of small plots. He said the comprehensive kit allows smallholder farmers to achieve better yields while using their existing resources. “The advantages of the product are that it reduces cost per unit, central pumping and water distribution system. It works for all crops including maize and vegetables and is functional in open field or greenhouse installation,” he said. The product is available in two different models; 250m2 and 500m2. “The irrigation system is very affordable,” he said. The drip kit is fully modular such that it can be easily disassembled and stored. It comes with high quality NDJ accessories, 12 mm drip line and is made of resistant materials for application of soluble fertilisers. ATC has been in operation for the past 50 years and operates 17 depots countrywide Sourced from The Times Group

Do not despair with armyworms

As armyworms and stalk borers continue to ravage maize fields in the country, the Agricultural Trading Company (ATC) has reiterated that it has ready solutions in all its shops across the country. Armyworms have affected many countries in sub Saharan African including neighboring Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. But speaking on Saturday, ATC’s Marketing Manager, Maxwell Ng’ambi, said his firm has since slashed prices of chemicals for the pests as one way of assisting farmers deal with armyworms and stalk borers. “The problem if not well managed can affect harvests as such as an old friend of farmers – in excess of 50 years – ATC reduced prices so that every farmer affords,” said Ng’ambi. Ng’ambi said the reaction to ATCs reduction of prices for chemicals especially those that arrest the spread of armyworms and stalk borer has been positive. “We are still beckoning those farmers and estate managers that are yet to come to our shops to do so and get helped. The price promotion will come to end this month, hence, this is the right time to buy the pesticides,” he said. Ng’ambi said ATC has various solutions for all manner of challenges that come in fields of different types of crops. He said they have herbicides, insecticides and fungicides manufactured by ATCs world class brands that have partnered with ATC to support farmers in Malawi. “At ATC, we do have different types of effective pesticides for spraying that can halt the spread. We encouraging farmers generally and estate owners to visit any of our 17 shops countrywide and explain the problem to our sales team. “They are equipped to advise the best pesticide to use, we have different pesticides for armyworms in our shops,” Ng’ambi said. He noted that besides stalk borer and army worms chemicals, ATC has also reduced prices for all farming related chemicals. Ng’ambi said ATC also has pesticides for use in banana, tea, sugarcane, coffee, vegetables, tobacco and legumes. Sourced from The Times Group

ATC reaffirms capacity to deliver, supports diversification

Agricultural Trading Company (ATC), a subsidiary of diversified business venture AHL Group, says it is poised to support farmers to realise their potential espoused in the newly-launched agriculture policy target of 100 percent growth in yields. President Peter Mutharika last week launched the national agriculture and irrigation policies in Lilongwe that seek to raise the profile of the agricultural sector to effectively contribute to national development. “We have been part and parcel of the agriculture story in Malawi since 1962. ATC is actively involved in all the thematic areas highlighted in the two agriculture policies,” he said. ATC marketing manager Maxwell Ng’ambi, in an interview on Friday touted the company as the “most experienced and innovative one-stop agriculture shop in the country”. Ng’ambi said the agriculture policy addresses input use and markets with specific reference to inorganic fertiliser. He said at all their 17 delivery points nationwide, ATC stocks various fertilisers to increase the nutrient use per hectare of inorganic fertiliser. Figures from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development show that nutrient use per hectare of inorganic fertiliser is at an average of 43 kilogramme (kg) per hectare. This is far much lower than the world’s average of 100 kg per hectare. “Both fertilisers and seed are packaged in the right and affordable packs to suit the pockets of varying farmers,” said Ng’ambi. He said ATC shops have stocks of maize, tobacco, vegetables, legumes and other seeds. According to the launched agriculture policy, anecdotal evidence suggests that crop losses due to pests can reach as high as 30 percent. The agriculture policy also details concern for limited crop diversification, particularly in the smallholder sector. Mutharika said the two policies have potential to turn around the fortunes of the country. The two policies’ goal is to contribute to the attainment of national food security, poverty reduction and national economic development as outlined in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS). Sourced from The Nation Online