Agricultural Trading Company in Coronavirus disinfection drive

The Agricultural Trading Company (ATC), has scaled up its disinfection initiatives in a bid to help in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Malawi is currently facing a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, with 3149 cumulative cases and 71 deaths recorded by July 21, 2020.

ATC Operations Manager Hannock Madeira has since urged Malawians to seek the services of his company to disinfect places where there have been Covid-19 cases in a bid to reduce the continued spread of the virus.

“We offer reliable services and at this critical time, it is important that Malawians use only those companies that have the skill and are duly certified to offer such services,” said Madeira.

Health experts recommend a combination of cleaning and disinfection as the most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus in workplaces after a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 has recently been at the workplace. 

Madeira has since urged companies to seek the services of ATC, assuring them of affordable and dependable services which are delivered by skilled and well-trained personnel.

The services are being offered across the country as ATC has establishments in all the country’s regions.


16,000 Malawi farmers to benefit from ATC, FCI partnership

The Agricultural Trading Company (ATC) is poised to reach over 16,000 more farmers after getting into a working partnership with Farm Concern International (FCI) in a deal that will make available modern farm inputs and equipment to the farmers.

Signing the partnership agreement at AHL Group head office in Lilongwe, on Tuesday 21 July, 2020, FCI Programmes Manger Vincent Makiyi said the invaluable partnership will open up new opportunities for the farmers and enable them access modern farm inputs and equipment.

Makiyi said FCI was focused on improving the agricultural value chain for farmers in Malawi by among others getting into partnerships with private sector players like ATC.

“At every level of the agricultural process we want the farmers to access the best services. We know ATC will add value to this through its services and products offered in its outlets throughout the country.

“We work with over 16,000 farmers country wide who will now benefit from this partnership with ATC”, he said.

General Manager for ATC Madalitso Njerenje said her company has modern farm inputs and equipment which is very appropriate for all farmers.

“We have services and products that farmers use at ever point of their value chain which these farmers working with FCI will benefit from,” she said.

“We have inputs like fertilizers and inoculants, we have post-harvest products, we also have linkages to product off-takers which these farmers will now directly benefit from,” Njerenje added.

The FCI-ATC partnership is one of the many working relationships that ATC has established with public and non-governmental institutions and the private sector to enhance agricultural productivity and reach more farmers in Malawi.

ATC offers agricultural value chain products and services through its 17 shops country wide. Recently ATC has made available on the local market mechanized farm implements like hand-driven tractors and post-harvest management tools and services.


ATC Cautions Farmers on Post Harvest Losses

Agriculture Trading Company, ATC, has advised farmers in the country to use authenticated grain storage products to avoid post-harvest losses.

According to ATC Operations Manager, Hannock Madeira, it is the company’s concern that farmers work hard throughout the farming season only to use fake products which leads to losses of the yields.

He urged farmers to purchase their products from well-established companies, such as ATC, which stocks and sells genuine products only.

“ATC stocks genuine products only. We wish the farmers well. We have a variety of products from which they can choose from and we also provide expert advice on which product suits the farmer’s needs,” explained Madeira.

Among others, ATC is currently selling a locally made product, Wivokil, which is used for storage of grain yields.

Wivokil is produced by AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited, ACSL, a sister company of ATC. The product comes in two formulations; Wivokil Super which is a powder and Wivokil EC a liquid formulation.

“With the experience of bumper yields in Malawi, ATC is geared to assist the farming community and grain traders in preventing post-harvest losses through the provision of quality fumigation services and stocking of quality and affordable grain storage,” said Madeira.

Other grain storage products in stock at ATC shops are Novactellic, Polysacks and Hermetic bags (Pics bags).

ATC has 17 shops across the country, most of which are in locations close to where the farmers reside.


ATC in Drive to Raise Professional Standards

The Agricultural Trading Company is on a national drive to raise professional standards among its employees, a development that has seen the company organizing training sessions in all the three regions.

So far, the company has trained employees in the South and the Northern Regions, with central region employees set to be trained in various areas from Saturday November 17 to Sunday November 18, 2018.

The targeted groups were Depot and Shop Clerks, supervisors and their assistants.

In the northern region, the training workshop took place last weekend from Saturday, November 10 to Sunday November 11, 2018. Among others, participants were trained in Safe Handling of Pesticides, product knowledge, first aid procedures, customer care, procurement and accounting.

Speaking during the opening of the Mzuzu training session, ATC General Manager Mrs Madalitso Jelenje urged team work among her staff.

“Let us work as a team. This workshop is aimed at bringing more positive results to the company,” she told the participants.

Companies that are working in partnership with ATC also had the chance to make presentations.

Some of the agro-companies that are in partnership with ATC include Farmers Organization of Malawi (FOM), MUSEC- AGRA and BEYA.

Making a presentation during the training Mr. Maurice Zimba of the Farmers Organization of Malawi commended ATC for ensuring that products from his organization have a wider reach.

“ATC has shops country wide and this makes it easy for customers to access our products,” he said.

He further explained that ATC staff members have in-depth knowledge on how to handle chemicals and pesticides. The Agricultural Trading Company is one of the subsidiaries of AHL Group that started its operations in 1962 as an Agro dealer. It stocks a wide range of chemicals, pesticides and agricultural equipment like sprayers and solar powered Irrigation kit. They also provide services like fumigation and pest control.